Installation of SQL Server 2008 clusters on Windows 2008 Step 1 : Validation wizard

Installation step by step of SQL Server 2008 clustering on Windows 2008
    Step 1 : Validation wizard
    Step 2 : Pre-check
    Step 3 : Installation of the first node
    Step 4 : Add a new node
    Step 5: Apply a service pack or hotfix on a SQL cluster

Before to  begin I invite you to read my previous article: Installation SQL Server 2005/2008 failover clusters on MSCS Windows 2003/2008

For your cluster configuration is supported by Microsoft, it's imperative to run the validation wizard. The outcome of this report wizard should indicate that all components are compliant. This report is stored in c:\windows\cluster\report. It must be preserved. Then every time you modify an element constituting the hardware or software configuration of your cluster, it will be necessary to rerun the Validation Wizard.

1. Run the component by : Start /Administratives tools/ Failover Cluster Management

Cluster SQL 2008

2. Then into Failover Cluster Management, clic on  Validate Configuration
SQL 2008 Cluster

3. Enter the name of the cluster components nodes
SQL 2008 Cluster

4. Prior to production, we must run all tests. Then during normal operation, the wizard disables validation tests for hard disks allocated to Services/Application existing.
SQL 2008 Cluster

5. Click on next
SQL 2008 Cluster

6. Click on next, all elements should be green
SQL 2008 Cluster


Michel Degremont | Microsoft EMEA
Product Support Services Developer - SQL Server Core Engineer |

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