Changes to the Virtualization Support Policy for SQL Server

Policy Support for Virtual Environments

Our policy of support for virtual environments has evolved, we now support almost all our applications to virtual environments. Some recommendations are to be considered depending on the product, I invite you to read the articles and using corresponding product below.

Platform for non-Microsoft virtualization, a certification program has been implemented ( ). Only the configurations certified through this program are supported.

For more information, I invite you to visit the following items:

- Virtualization Troubleshooting and Support

- Microsoft server software and supported virtualization environments

- Support policy for Microsoft SQL Server products that are running in a hardware virtualization environment

- Support partners for non-Microsoft hardware virtualization software

- Support policy for Microsoft software running in non-Microsoft hardware virtualization software

- New Microsoft Licensing and Support Eases Path to Virtualization

- Another update for the Support Policy for Virtualization for SQL Server

Microsoft has a Virtualization Support Wizard on the internet that can help them determine if a virtualization configuration is supported: Virtualization Support Policy Wizard


Michel Degremont | Microsoft EMEA
Product Support Services Developer - SQL Server Core Engineer |

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