How to install SQL Server 2008 32Bit on Windows 2008 X64

How install SQL Server 2008 32Bit on Windows 2008 X64

In a specific case, you have to install SQL Server 2008 32Bit (X86) on Windows 2008 X64. It can be due to the provider of your end application who supports only on a SQL 32Bit his application.

If you want to install SQL server 2008 from the command prompt, you can specify that Setup should install into WOW64 by adding the parameter X86="True". This command line argument is not supported on an IA64 or a 32-bit system.

How to: Install SQL Server 2008 from the Command Prompt

If you want to run the setup by using the wizard, you can also specify the architecture of SQL Server 2008 to install. You can choose between X86(32bit) and X64 in the tab "Options".

How to install SQL server 2008 32Bit on Windows 2008 X64

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