Customising Exchange Warning Messages

I was recently asked by a customer to find out if they could customise the default system message generated when users reach their mailbox size limit. This message recommends that the user sets up a PST file to archive old messages. The site policy is not to allow PST files, so the quota message had…


Making IPSec easier

A lot of people think IPSec is complicated. It’s actually pretty easy to implement and manage, and can bring extra ammunition to your defence in depth strategy to help protect critical systems, or to reduce the threat of malware or viruses. The main reason customers I work with are shy to implement IPSec is because…


Centro Beta is now available for testing

You’re probably wondering “what is Centro”. If so (or even if not, and you know what Centro is!) – check out this blog


System Center Capacity Planner update

SCCP is a great tool for anyone who is designing/planning new MOM or Exchange deployments, or for those who need to determine what is required to support increased growth of an existing infrastructure. I definitely recommend that you take a look if you are using (or intending to use) MOM or Exchange. SP1 for SCCP has…


I’ve installed Office 2007 – where are my menus?

For some Office 2000/2003 users, the move to Office 2007 can be a little bit daunting at first. After a few hours you really get used to the new ribbon bar and using the product is much more natural and productive than the old-fashioned way. However, those first “few hours” can be frustrating for power…


System Center Data Protection Manager v2 Beta1 now available for download

The next version of System Center Data Protection Manager, DPM v2 is now available for download as Beta 1. I’ve done a few customer presentations of our current offering, DPM 2006 and while it’s a great product many people have pointed out that they would like to see support for backing up more than just…


Have a slow performing server and need to investigate?

Check out this handy tool for performance analysis on Windows 2003 servers. It will gather data from performance monitor and suggest potential bottle necks on the system.  Server Performance Advisor Overview  Microsoft ® Windows Server ™ 2003 Performance Advisor is the latest version of Server Performance Advisor, which is a simple but robust tool that…


Virtualising your production environment

One question we get asked from time to time by our customers is “How can I create a representative test environment for my production systems?” Typically it can be quite time consuming to get a test environment up and running, especially one that is a mirror of the production environment. Well, the good news is that if…


Migrating from Access to SQL

In desktop deployment projects we see customers spending a lot of time testing departmental Access databases for compatibility with newer versions of Office. Quite often a home-grown Access database becomes critical to the business. At that point, it is generally better to spend the testing effort in getting the database into SQL where it can perform faster,…


Speeding up Adobe Reader

I used this method ages ago but have rebuilt my laptop dozens of times over the past few months to keep up with Vista builds. I kept thinking that Adobe loaded much quicker on my old machine and then remembered that I had to configure something to make it happen. So I dug out the…