Get-NetConnectionProfile for Windows 7

As customers are still working with Windows 7 and PowerShell (PS) versions before 3.0, sometimes there are work a rounds needed. You can upgrade your PS version on Windows 7 to a newer version, but that’s not always an option for everyone. One of the newer cmdlets available in PS 3+ is the Get-NetConnectionProfile that…


PowerShell thought process

One important aspect of leveraging PowerShell is to adjust your mindset. Listed are some topics to consider: Automate: Create scripts, functions, and modules to automate manual tasks. If you function up routine tasks, you and others can quickly and easily complete work duties more efficiently. Delegate: Once the functions and modules are built and deployed,…


FieldNote: Secure password in file?

Sometimes you must store a password for an account in a PowerShell script file. One option is to leverage the ConvertTo-SecureString cmdlet. By running this cmdlet on a machine, with a specific password, a secure string is generated. You put that value into your file, and then you can run a ConvertFrom-SecureSting to run the…


PowerTip: Removing calendar events from a mailbox

Summary: Remove calendar events within an Exchange online mailbox. (Re-post from a Hey Scripting Guy’s blog post.) Q: Is there an effortless way to remove calendar events from within an Exchange online mailbox? A: Yes there is. There is a newly deployed cmdlet Remove-CalendarEvents to O365 tenants: This cmdlet is only available in Exchange online currently,…


Exchange_AddIn Module

Here is another PowerShell (PS) toolset I have been working on, the ‘Exchange_AddIn’ module. This module is a combination of several other scripts that are either on the internet or action items customers need help with in their day to day tasks. By combining several lines of code into a single verb-noun command let (cmdlet),…


Exchange Online – Aggressive Termination script

As more and more customers migrate Exchange on premises data to Exchange online, there are some limitations that may need work arounds that might need to be performed from time to time. Download the script from the MS Script Center: O365 is designed to run day in and day out without any interruptions. There are…


O365_Logon Module

I created this PowerShell module to help O365 Administrators sign into the their online tenant services using simple verb-noun single command lets (cmdlets). While the general O365 PowerShell (PS) sign-in process is straight forward by itself, there are several lines of PS code that need to be combined and executed each and every logon attempt….



This script simplifies IT administrators installs for all of the required additional software/modules for a proper O365 PowerShell connection experience. Included in this script is a text based menu with options for creating connections to the different O365 services. Due to the nature of the Internet and that some installs are .exe downloads, some are…


SharePoint Online Management Shell

The SharePoint Online Management Shell has a new Windows PowerShell module that lets O365 administrators manage their SharePoint Online subscription using PowerShell. The focus is around site collection management. With O365 and PowerShell becoming more and more popular, the SharePoint team has added this installable Module to allow SharePoint administrators access to their online tenant…


Live! 360 Event in Orlando

I’ll be speaking at Live! 360 Orlando, November 16-20. Surrounded by your fellow industry professionals, Live! 360 provides you with immediately usable training and education that will keep you relevant in the workforce.   I’ll be presenting the following sessions: Exchange and O365 PowerShell   O365 and Exchange Hybrid Management   SPECIAL OFFER: As a speaker,…