DAG’s spread across multi-domains?

Q: Can you spread an Exchange DAG (Database Availability Group) between two domains? A: No. Now the story: Say you have a single forest named: Contoso.com. In that forest, you have two child domains: East.Contoso.com and West.Contoso.com. You also have Exchange servers deployed in both East and West domains, but none in the root domain….


Schema Administrator has a mailbox?

Q: Why does the Schema Admin have a mailbox? A: It’s by design! What? Yes, this is normal behavior for Exchange Server 2013 & 2016.  If the account you are using for the install does not have a mailbox, one will be created for that account. Typically, engineers will use an Active Directory (AD) account…


Controlling bandwidth in a DAG reseed

Q: Is there a way to control bandwidth within a DAG (Database Availability Group) during a reseed process? A: No. However, that’s not the complete story. The question comes up when engineers need to reseed a database (DB). And while there is no native option to control bandwidth, there is a work around. Scenario: One…


Exchange September 2017 updates

I don’t normally just repeat blog posts from other groups, but I felt this one was important to make sure people are aware of a couple of the highlights. For me, since I also work with Active Directory (AD), as all of us Exchange engineers do at some point, there is a new block during…


Exchange_AddIn Module

Here is another PowerShell (PS) toolset I have been working on, the ‘Exchange_AddIn’ module. This module is a combination of several other scripts that are either on the internet or action items customers need help with in their day to day tasks. By combining several lines of code into a single verb-noun command let (cmdlet),…


Check for .Net version script

I was helping a customer install Exchange 2016 this week and they completed a base Windows Server 2012 R2 image and fully patched it. I then advised them that .Net 4.6.1 is not supported and that nothing above 4.5.2 is currently supported (Exchange Supportability Matrix). We un-installed the .Net 4.6.1 update, then we checked, .Net…