PowerShell thought process

One important aspect of leveraging PowerShell is to adjust your mindset. Listed are some topics to consider:

  • Automate: Create scripts, functions, and modules to automate manual tasks. If you function up routine tasks, you and others can quickly and easily complete work duties more efficiently.
  • Delegate: Once the functions and modules are built and deployed, task them out to others to be more efficient in their day to day responsibilities. Empower others with the functions you created to have additional people in the organization to be more efficient and effective.
  • Eliminate: Task out scripts or fully automated processes with communication connections to other applications to eliminate the need for any human interaction of straightforward process steps. One option is to leverage MS Flow to trigger PowerShell on scheduled or per-event tasks.

When you modify your thinking around how PowerShell can help you and your company be more efficient, you’ll truly start to leverage the power of PowerShell. So next time you are tasked with a process, hopefully your first thought will be, ‘how can I use PowerShell to help’.

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