Exchange AD Deployment site

When installing a brand new Exchange server, there are several actions that you should consider. One of them is that the process will go smoother if you use an Active Directory deployment site design option. By leveraging an Exchange deployment site, you can help minimize the overall impact of introducing a new Exchange server into your environment.

An article is now posted on the Exchange Team Blog Site. I’ve run into this several times in the field and discussed the option with the Exchange PG and other engineers and we’ve now posted additional information to help customers have less disruptions for end users during their Exchange installation process. I hope this helps you with future installations. Thank you. 

Comments (2)

  1. Michael Maher says:

    Hi Mike,

    I noticed one of the approaches you mentioned was to use a /32 to limit this site to one host. Is it correct to therefore assume we don’t need a DC/GC in that site whilst the system is being set-up.

    Obviously when we go into production we’ll put the server in a site with a GC.



    1. Mike_O'Neill says:

      No, you do need a DC/GC in the same site as Exchange, else the install will fail. We’re still hoping for ‘CAS Maintenance’ mode in a future 2016 CU. This would help solve this site topology/install issue within Exchange.

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