Application Virtualization 4.5 Documentation

There has been a host of documentation and announcements around Application Virtualisation recently. I would suggest that you read the App-V team blog here. Of note though are several whitepapers that have been produced to help you evaluate, and deploy App-V and integrate it with SCCM R2. See for more details.


Free Gartner reports on Vista and MDOP

The reports will be here until 12th March 2009 Quantifying the Value of Microsoft’s Desktop Optimization Pack How to Quantify the Value of Software Assurance for Windows Client Understand the Risks of Skipping Windows Vista


Technet Magazine – Getting Started with Microsoft Application Virtualisation

As you’ll know if you read my blog – I love Application Virtualisation. It solves so many problems with the packaging, deployment, and management of desktop and server based applications. Technet magazine has published a great introduction to Application Virtualisation and it’s worth the ten minutes it will take to read. With Microsoft Application Virtualization,…


Virtualization Launch Day – Summary

[Update – this post seemed to get lost so I’m posting again – apologies if you get it twice!] I thought that I would try to summarise what we launched this week, pull together the case studies, 3rd party analysis, etc. The launch has been well blogged so I’ll point to what others have already…


Important Desktop Virtualisation Announcements

Hi Folks, I can do no better than point you at This blog post from the MDOP product team. But if you need further encouragement, besides covering the new Windows Virtualization 4.5 (latest Softgrid release) in some detail they also announce new really interesting upcoming licensing changes to enable new home and remote worker scenarios….