Reminder: Exchange 2013 sizing–how many servers do I need?

The sizing information for Exchange 2013 was released much earlier this year, but as I have just been asked for it I thought that I might as well copy the guidance into a blog for future re-use!

– Use Exchange 2013 pre-requisites to determine what software is required for an Exchange 2013 on-prem implementation

– Consider co-locating CAS and MBX – CAS is now a very light stateless proxy with almost all load on the mbx server. See blog posts below

-  If you want to size properly I suggest a read of this blog and then use the calculator from here

Of course if you choose Exchange Online you don’t need to worry about any of the above – Microsoft do that for you!!

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  1. miltongoh says:

    Hi, is there any Excel Spreadsheet for download that is similar to the one that was released for Lync 2013 to calculate the number of WFEs?