New Year, New Role

FY14 Update and Blogging recommences!

As always in Microsoft the new financial year brings new opportunities. This year for me I was handed a fantastic opportunity to move to be based out of Microsoft Scotland continuing as a Partner Architect. In Edinburgh we also have a Microsoft Technology Centre (MTC) and I have picked up a combined Director and Technical Director role to direct and expand the work we do in the Edinburgh MTC.

Which brings us to my blogging… I am hoping to recommence blogging again – it’s a time drain for me so it has to deliver value to an audience so I’ll be watching the stats to ensure that what I am writing is useful.

I have for the past few years been focussed upon Office 365, and Lync Voice and I am finding a lot of my time spent in these areas today. That said, I am also now very interested in Microsoft’s Cloud OS story and specifically building Private Clouds that integrate with Public Clouds. I last worked in this later area back in 2008 and life has moved on a lot – impressive work by Microsoft – and I am looking forward to understanding it more, and creating POC’s in the MTC to show partners and customers how this all works.

I’ll continue to use the same categories, and probably add one for Cloud OS. Additionally, whilst I’ll still be posting to I am going to resurrect my Technet blog and cross post to

cheers, Malc

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