Installing DirSync on a Domain Controller

I have to admit I missed this update when it came out. In some Office 365 training in TVP last week we mentioned that it was now supported to install DirSync onto a DC. Well here is the info…. Version 6567.0018 released on 22/11/13 provides support for installing DirSync onto a DC. See the change…


Network Analyser is dead… meet Message Analyser!

Microsoft has release a new network analysis tool to the Download Centre and this great blog will tell you all about how the new tool will allow you to Capture – Analyse – share data, with new capabilities such as SSL/HTTPS inspection. That blog reads well but I then discovered a series on message analyser…


Lync 2013 Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) options

At a time when Microsoft are talking about ‘People Centric IT’ which includes the various remote desktop options I guess it’s timely that the Lync team have put some (more) effort into clarifying the VDI options with Lync. Please review their new Lync VDI qualified Infrastructure page, and read the blog they have put together…


Jabra Update

JABRA PC SUITE GETS UPGRADE Jabra released an upgrade to Jabra PC Suite (JPCS) – Version 2.12.3884. The new release provides added value and functionality to Lync customers. Current JPCS users will automatically be notified about this new version when they run PC suite. Key Enhancements: · Microsoft Lync – User status will now show…


Updates to the Lync 2013 Mobile Clients

The Lync 2013 Mobile clients for iOS and Windows Phone 8 have been updated: iPad: iPhone: WP8: What’s changed: – Join a meeting even if you don’t have a Lync account – View more information about meeting participants – Support for certification and passive authentication – Easily start a conversation with a…


October (COMBINED) Lync 2013 Server & Lync 2013 SDK & Lync 2010 Cumulative Updates released

I’ve put a bit of ‘table’ effort in and combined the numerous Lync 2010 releases and their KB’s with the Lync 2013 information. Hope this quick reference helps! (and that this formats properly on the web!) Product Version KB Article   Lync 2013 5.0.8308.556 2809243 Lync 2013 SDK 5.0.8308.556 2809243 Lync 2010 (64bit client) 4.0.7577.4409…


Avalanche warning!! Cloud OS drives a host of new releases from Microsoft

I sometimes think that it’s hard to truly understand the breadth and depth of Microsoft’s business. It will certainly be a challenge for an incoming CEO! Therefore, I love the new Modern tiles look of this infographic describing just some of Microsoft’s reach into the Enterprise under the ‘Cloud OS’ Vision. Just look at the…


Sonus: Maximising returns on Lync Enterprise Voice

I have a UX1000 SBA made by Sonus in the Edinburgh Microsoft Technology Centre. I’ve long been a fan of gateway’s and more over SBC’s in a Lync topology, they aren’t needed but add that extra layer of redundancy and isolation into a voice deployment. Therefore I was interested to read that Sonus have collaborated…


Can’t spell–wont spell–Fear not spellcheck for Lync client is here!

SPELLCHECK FOR LYNC WINDOWS DESKTOP CLIENT RELEASED With the September updates to the Office clients, native spellcheck has been released for the Lync Windows desktop client. For more information on the download, see the Microsoft Support page. I am running Office 365 Pro Plus deployed using Click-to-run so my client gets updated automatically!


Reminder: Exchange 2013 sizing–how many servers do I need?

The sizing information for Exchange 2013 was released much earlier this year, but as I have just been asked for it I thought that I might as well copy the guidance into a blog for future re-use! – Use Exchange 2013 pre-requisites to determine what software is required for an Exchange 2013 on-prem implementation -…