Lync 2010 pbx test – 13days, ~316,000 calls per day = 100% success


Lync Server 2010 – “Bottom Line: Microsoft Lync 2010 is a resilient, scalable, feature rich Unified Communications System.”. Well I would say that wouldn’t I!? Except that it wasn’t me that said it, it was the summary from a series of tests performed by Miercom, covering performance, resiliency and security.

Performance was tested via a soak test where “Microsoft Lync Server 2010 was able to sustain heavy call volume without dropping any calls or reporting any errors in a 4 million call completion test. The delivery rate with sustained operation without error is the highest capacity test applied to any Unified Communications / IP PBX product we have tested to date.”

The entire test ran for thirteen days and twenty six minutes performing a total of 4,107,951 successful calls. Each WinSIP user completed approximately 73,350 calls total.

Duration of Test Calls Attempted Calls Completed Success Completed
13 Days 26 Minutes 4,107,951 4,107,951


Resiliency, where clients were found to reconnect within ‘seconds’ of a simulated failed WAN connection. Testing was also conducted of branch failover using a Survivable Branch Appliance. “Microsoft Lync passed resiliency tests for local client as well as branch office

Perhaps most amazing is that the test system was entirely virtualised running Hyper-V on an 8-way I7 with 16gb RAM, which included Exchange AND Sharepoint!

“Bottom Line:
Microsoft Lync 2010 is a resilient, scalable, feature rich Unified Communications System. Microsoft Lync 2010 should be in the short list of top three to consider for enterprise communications infrastructure upgrades. Quality third party peripherals from Aastra, Polycom and SNOM will help Microsoft achieve more market acceptance at the Enterprise Desktop. Third party hardware such as the survivable branch appliance UX 2000 from NET will enable branch offices the resiliency needed for enterprise communications.”

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