#2 Hyper-V V’s VMware ESXi – The Case Studies

This is part two in our look at Hyper-V. In this post we’ll look at some of the Case Studies that are available for Hyper-V, look at some of the key SI’s who have delivered the results and provide you with resources to do your own analysis.

One of the things that has interested me most in the case studies we have on Hyper-V is the number of hosting providers that have switched to use Hyper-V. Not that they are more important than ‘customer’ usage but a hosting providers business is based upon them having a reliable, stable and performant computing environment that they can re-sell and make money from. The fact that so many have chosen to use Hyper-V is surely testament to it’s capability.

1) The first ‘case study’ that I normally quote to people is something that I still find remarkable. This study also demonstrates the long test cycles that have gone into Hyper-V. Back before Hyper-V was released, at about the release Candidate stage, Microsoft IT decided to virtualise the entirety of MSDN.com and Technet.com onto Hyper-V.  I first blogged this here and I pointed to the full technical details recorded here. Remember this was prior to the release of Hyper-V and a full year ago from today. I wonder, have VMWare ever documented in so much detail there own internal use of ESXi?

2) Next we move into the early adopters and those running Hyper-V in production today. There are literally pages and pages of case studies on Hyper-V. Navigate to http://www.microsoft.com/virtualisation and click ‘Case Studies’. At the time of writing this search of Case Studies showed 81 matches globally for Hyper-V case studies.

3) SI partner adoption of Hyper-V. It’s vital that you have a good partner so any integration activity. Most, if not all, case studies will tell you who the partner was. One partner that has been doing a lot of work around Hyper-V is HP. The image below contains some of the customers that they have worked with recently.

This case study is very detailed covering the deployment at a European bank.


The UK List of case studies involves work from Charteris, Unisys, Silversands and Dell.

3) If you want to refine the above list to ‘UK’ based case studies then click HERE

4) Finally, whilst this video does rank high on the ‘cheese factor’ it does provide a good overview of Microsoft’s virtualisation technologies – focusing on Server but ensuring you understand our other offerings. Worth 7 minutes I think…

Virtualization: Customer Montage Video


What else would you like to see in terms of customer evidence and case studies. Please do let me know – malcolm ‘dot’ bullock ‘at’ microsoft ‘dot’ com.

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