Application Virtualization 4.5 Documentation

There has been a host of documentation and announcements around Application Virtualisation recently. I would suggest that you read the App-V team blog here. Of note though are several whitepapers that have been produced to help you evaluate, and deploy App-V and integrate it with SCCM R2. See for more details.


Do you want a demo of Virtual Machine Manager?

Virtual Machine Manager is a member of the System Center family of Management tools and is responsible for managing Virtualised Server environments, such as Hyper-V, Virtual Server and now VMWare… Watch a demo here…


Concerned by Sinowal?

Like me you may have read on the BBC’s web site today about a ‘Trojan virus steals banking info’ ….now I normally pass these articles by knowing the truth BUT I’m aware that to some they will take this as ‘read’ and worry. So here’s the background. It seems that the BBC and other sources…