Technet Magazine – Getting Started with Microsoft Application Virtualisation

As you’ll know if you read my blog – I love Application Virtualisation. It solves so many problems with the packaging, deployment, and management of desktop and server based applications. Technet magazine has published a great introduction to Application Virtualisation and it’s worth the ten minutes it will take to read.

With Microsoft Application Virtualization, or App-V, desktop administration becomes a simpler, more automated process.  For the administrator, App-V makes it easier for you to deploy, patch, update, and even terminate applications.

In regard to users, any user can sit down at any desktop and access his applications (with all his personal configuration settings). The applications are delivered on demand but run as if they were actually installed locally–there is no need to install the application components or alter the host device.

In the October issue of TechNet Magazine (which is packed with articles about virtualization), Anthony Kinney takes a close look at how App-V works and explains how you can deploy it in your organization.

Read the full article online now.

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