Roll-up, come get your Microsoft Ads…

So Steve has the scoop here, and apparently (I’m offline right now) the New York Times has the scoop.

I’m at a Microsoft internal conference in Florida this week and at lunchtime we had a preview of some Windows 7 Enterprise features (cool 🙂 ), and also some of the Videos that are coming down the line – I’m *really* pleased that we are investing this money. Regardless of whether you like some of the videos or not the central point is that over 1 BILLION people use Windows around the world to connect, and I’ve not seen the video below but perhaps the point is that it’s secure….

Personally I find it funny when people make statements around Vista not being secure – it’s a fact that PC’s running Vista has had 60% less Malware than those running Windows XP SP2…for more FACTS see here. Everyone has patches – some companies prefer to batch up there patches which leave machines vulnerable to infection in the meantime Even Mac users have to patch 🙂

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