Google Chrome – one weak of vulnerabilities?

I was just talking to a colleague who had been asked by a customer about Chrome. It’s interesting the amount of publicity that this beta release managed to create. Indeed, just look at this converge from the fiercely independent BBC. What I didn’t see though from the same BBC was  headline coverage when after a few days the security vulnerabilities of Chrome started to add up. Couple this with the fact that the IE8 beta 2 launch was described as a makeover as I’m feeling a bit let down by my independent national broadcaster!

Now I don’t really want to start throwing stones in a glass house given that every month Microsoft releases security patches but it has to be pointed out that this consumer (that’s because there aren’t any enterprise features, e.g. management) browser has had more that it’s fair share of security vulnerabilities reported within just one week: – Google Chrome vulnerable to Carpet-Bombing flaw – DoS Vulnerability hits Google’s Chrome, Crashes all tabs – Google Chrome Vulnerabilities starting to pile up


But of course as ZDNet also reported –

Google’s Chrome browser: It’s all about the ads and cookie files stupid!


ah, so that’s it 🙂

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    This isn’t something that I would normally bother blogging on – and from the lack of recent posts you