Want to see "Live Migration" in Hyper-V Demo?

Well the Virtualization and Windows Hyper-V launch events have been well covered all over the place. BUT, have you noticed that in the press release it offers "Microsoft executives will further outline virtualization solutions for customers and also demonstrate the live migration capabilities of the upcoming release of Windows Server 2008 R2."? Now I’ve not seen this before, even internally, even though I’ve been speculating about the fact that R2 will more than likely gain ‘Live Migration’ to match VMotion functionality instead of our slightly slower "quick Migration" which shipped with V1. I’ll still argue in the future that for most requirements "quick" is good enough without the infrastructure costs associated with "Live" BUT it’s good to tick boxes and have the options if you want to spend the $$ getting it to work.

So, why not watch the video HERE, commencing at 09.00 PDT or 5pm in the UK. The Full press release is worth a read 🙂

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