Hyper-V Quick Migration & VMWare Live Migration

I've been talking at a number of Windows 2008 customer launch meetings over the last few weeks and I always cover Microsoft's Virtualisation strategy. Now as you may know if you've been to our Virtualisation web site, Microsoft's virtualisation strategy is pretty 'complete' moving beyond Server virtualisation and encompassing Application, data, presentation and desktop virtualisation too. Therefore this section tends to hog a fair bit of the (too little!) time alloted to discussing the 'new' bits in Windows Server 2008(click the link for the top ten reasons to upgrade page). Without fail I'm always asked whether or not we have 'VMotion' - so firstly kudos to VMWare for marketing this feature so well!! and second I always try to give as full an answer as possible within the time available.

Anyhow, now Jeff Woolsey from the Virtualization product team has done a great job of explaining what we can and can't do and how this compares to VMWare. His three part blog posts are:
Part One, Part two, Part three.

Enjoy and do let me know what you think. This is a pretty important subject to get right first time for us and, more importantly, for you!

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