Apple guy grills Balmer

OK, so I'm late on this one, but just in case you've not heard about it can I strongly recommend an interview with Steve Ballmer recorded a Mix08 recently. I've not really seen much from Mix08 yet, still on my 'to watch' list at some point (guess I should get some of the videos onto my Zune for train time!), so when an e-mail arrived in my inbox from our UK general manager Gordon Frazer today saying that he had heard so much about the interview that he had watched it today - well I thought that I should take a look too.

The thing that makes this is that Steve is interviewed by ex Apple director Guy Kawasaki, who sits and asks all the hard questions (with his Apple Mac sat on his lap!). True to form Steve gives a lot of straight answers to the web dev audience, and some funny wise cracks to Guy!

As I say, well worth a listen - or watch...

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