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[For any regular readers of my blog this is a standalone ‘About Me’ post for new customers/partners that I work with]

Hello, and welcome to my personal introduction to me and my Infrastructure blog. I’m Malcolm Bullock and I joined Microsoft in the UK in 2000. Prior to coming to Microsoft I spent a number of years in various roles (Software Development through to future strategy) with the Post Office in the UK. During my time with Microsoft I have had three roles previous to my current one (one of the nice things about working at Microsoft is the variety of roles and the ability to change between them). I joined Microsoft Services as an Enterprise Strategy Consultant, advising companies in the Oil & Gas and retail sectors, I then moved to our EPG group as a technical pre-sales specialist again working in Retail but later with Manufacturing customers, then lastly I moved back to Services with responsibility for our strategy engagements with partners.

My current role is as a Solution Specialist covering ‘Core IO’ or Infrastructure depending upon whether you use Microsoft speak, or natural language :). The products I cover are Windows client and server, Management tools (System Center), and Security products (Forefront). This is quite a range of technologies and obviously includes Microsoft entire virtualization offering for Servers (Hyper-V and Virtual Server 2005), Applications (Softgrid), and presentation virtualization through Terminal services. I do this in an area of Microsoft known as SMS&P supporting mainly end Microsoft customers but also our partner channel.

The picture below gives an instant view of ‘my world’:-



So the purpose of this blog (presuming I can free up the time to achieve this!) is to provide a ‘one stop shop’ type of aggregation for things related to my subject areas. This will range from plain product pitches and links through to video demos and business value information. Hopefully tagging will help navigation.

Please do e-mail me if you would like to see anything – or simply comment to this posting.

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