New job, New Blog

So it’s been a while since I popped up a holding post to which was really for those of you who had been ‘fed’ for some time. So now that it’s all done and dusted internally within Microsoft I can tell you (for the odd one that might be interested!) that I’m moving roles within Microsoft UK from our Services team to a group known internally as SMS&P. This is our customer and partner facing group that looks after a whole range of customers and partners from just a few employees up to customers with about 5,000 seats. Our largest customers and (usually global) partners then sit in a group known as EPG.

I’m going to be an Infrastructure Solution Specialist which means that I represent products, as opposed to account managers who ‘represent’ customers/partners, and specifically our Core Infrastructure products. I’m going to post on my new role etc. next so that I can use that post as a ‘what I do in Microsoft’ for new folks that I’m going to be meeting so if you are interested please read that post.

So with the job move I thought I should move my blog from MSDN to Technet but in doing so I ‘lost’ the old MSDN site completely, which was a bit of a surprise!! Anyhow – no great loss to literature or humanity I’m sure!

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