For regular readers – blog has moved and …

and this is a test.

So, I’ve been caught by surprise. I’ve decided to move my blog from to  – there are reasons but unfortunately I can’t discuss them just yet. I thought that I could run the technet blog alongside my usual msdn blog but it seems that there is now a redirect and attempts to access my old blog at brings one to this new blog at Therefore I have lost access to all previous posts and unless you tell me otherwise, so have you!!

 Apologies. What will be coming here is a much more regular blog on what Microsoft class as ‘Core IO’ products. That is, Core infrastructure – the ‘O’ being optimisation. If you’ve been following Microsoft’s direction to enable Dynamic IT then that’s exactly it. For me it’s about reducing the cost of the ‘stuff’ that you must have but doesn’t directly provide value (i.e. the Operating environment), by raising the bar for manageability, security, access, performance etc.

If you like the business view then take a look at this, and for something more technically focused this CoreIO blog.

I’ll get this thing up and running over the next week or so, and by then I should be able to explain the changes much better! In the meantime you can reach me as usual at mbullock ‘at’ microsoft ‘dot’ com.

 Regards, Malc

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