Should VMM live inside a VM or on a physical server?

“Where should I install VMM, on a physical server or inside a VM and then add that same physical server as a managed host?”  This is a common question from our customers regarding the placement of VMM.  The answer is that this is a fully supported scenario.  In fact, some of our customers want to…


KB 971264 - VMM operation fails with error (2912) 0x80070490 due to a certificate issue

SUMMARY When using System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 to perform any action involving file transfers across machines such as new VM or new P2V the operation may fail with the following error:     Error (2912) An internal error has occurred trying to contact an agent on the %serverName%. (Element not found (0x80070490))  …


Host: Needs Attention

Since we have so many people either trying out SCVMM for the first time or new to the product, I wanted to take just a minute and discuss what is one of the most common calls that we see here in CSS.  That is, once SCVMM is installed and you add a new Host server, it…


SCVMM 2008 Installation Step-by-Step

The uploaded file contains step-by-step instructions on how to install SCVMM 2008 including the hardware and software requirements. Please click on the link below to download the complete document.  SCVMM 2008 Step-by-Step Installation.docx


VMSetupConfigurationError (257)

Issue The following error message may be displayed during installation of System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008.   Error Messages *** Carmine error was: VMSetupConfigurationError (257); WindowsAPI ID: 257. Details: No mapping between account names and security IDs was done   >>> Excerpt from ServerSetup.log <<< The ServerSetup.log can be obtained from the following directory:…