P2V conversion may fail with Error 3101 0x80041001


When performing a physical-to-virtual (P2V) conversion of a Windows 2000 SP4 source computer using System Center Virtual Machine Manager, it may fail during the Scan System phase of the P2V wizard with the following error:


Unable to convert physical server. An internal agent error has occurred on %ComputerName;. 


Ensure that the P2V agent is installed on %ComputerName; and that the P2V agent service is running, and then try the operation again.


ID: 3128

Details (Unknown error 0x80041001)




This issue may occur when the source computer, the Windows 2000 SP4 server, is missing some key WMI hotfixes.




Download and install the following hotfixes on the Windows 2000 SP4 source computer.


834010        A deadlock occurs when a program that uses WMI calls the LoadLibrary() or the FreeLibrary() function in Windows 2000



892294        A WMI event notification query does not detect a user permissions change on Windows 2000 or Windows Server 2003



843527        The Win32_SCSIController WMI class cannot obtain SCSI controller information after you install the MS04-011 security update




Applies to:

System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008

System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2

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