How to easily test your remote SQL connectivity

Very nice article by Steve Rachui who explains how to quickly and easily test remote SQL connectivity using any account you like Enjoy!


Clustering SQL 2005 and Administrative shares

One of our partners was installing SQL 2005 64 bit cluster and while he was in the components selection page he faced this error “The drive specified cannot be used for program location. Program files must be installed on a valid local disk available on all cluster nodes”. One of my colleagues was onsite and…


Upgrading Reporting Services farm? Check the IP Address binding

Doing an upgrade from SQL 2000 Reporting Services to SQL 2005 Reporting Services in a scale-out deployment is not that tough task however while I was doing an upgrade in a Scale-Out deployment where the nodes are configured in a Network Load Balance farm I faced a problem where the setup generates an error in…


Enabling SSL in SQL 2005 cluster

  Did you tried to enable SQL encryption between the client and your SQL instance? I thought that configuring SQL 2005 cluster to encrypt its traffic is simple however I discovered that it is not that straight forward and you always get this error “The server could not load the certificate it needs to initiate…


SQL 2000 scale out reporting services upgrade

I was doing an upgrade for a scale out deployment for SQL Reporting Services 2000 and the servers were having only 1 NIC. After the upgrade finished I found that the reporting services is not working as it was not initialized. Here are the details: Symptom: Reporting services is not initialized on both nodes with…