Lync Server 2010 lab deployment guide (Part 3)

In this part we need to deploy a local configuration store with the published configuration in the central management store on our Lync server, we will do that by using the deployment wizard again and selecting the ‘Install or update Lync Server System’


1. Choose ‘Install Local Configuration Store’


2. Leave the option to auto retrieve from the central store


3. And finish


4. Now for setting up the Lync components based on our topology


5. Next


6. And Finish

Now we need to configure the server certificates, from the deployment wizard choose step 3


7. On the Certificate Wizard page, click Request then Next


8. Select the option to send the request immediately to the online CA (you can also prepare the request but to send it later if you don’t have an online CA however you will need to do extra few steps to assign the certificate to the Lync pool). In my case I configured my CA to auto issue certificates so I’ll go for the online option.


9. Select the CA


10. Accept the default for the CA Account or provide an alternate credentials if needed


11. On the Specify Alternate Certificate Template page click Next


12. Provide a friendly name and mark the key as exportable


13. On the Organization Information page, optionally provide organization information, and then click Next


14. On the Geographical Information page, optionally provide geographical information, and then click Next


15. Review the SAN list and click Next


16. On the SIP Domain setting page, select as the SIP Domain and then click Next


17. There is no need for additional SAN for now so Next


18. Review the result and Next


19. On the ‘Executing Commands’ page, click Next


20. On the ‘Online Certificate Request Status’ page, click Finish

21. On the certificate Request page select the option to assign the certificate for Lync usage and click Finish


22. On the Certificate Assignment’ page, click Next


23. On the ‘Certificate Assignment Summary’ page, click Next


24. On the ‘Executing Commands’ page, click Finish


25. So now my certificate is ready and assigned as below


26. Next is to start the service


27. Click Next


28. And finally the Lync services is up and running


Going to the services snap and having a quick look… All services are started.


In the next part we will see how the Lync Control panel looks like, enable our first Lync users and deploy the Lync client…

Comments (6)

  1. Sorry Greg, i was almost 100% busy during the last period… Do you still need the DB names or you managed to get them:)?

  2. Greg Walrath says:

    This is great info, thanks for being the guinea pig. Can you tell me the database names that it creates? Just trying to do some planning of my own

  3. Josh from America says:

    You left out the 50,000 error messages and bugs that stretches a Lync installation into several weeks.

  4. rod says:

    Thanks you very much for differents articles about Lync 2010

    I have just one question about certifcate step, I have an error during "Executing Commands / Certificate Assignement" which is

    Command execution failed : Https binding not found on the web site

    I added on the IIS binding the Cert CA with SSL accept  and nothing change

    Have you an idea about my issue ?

    Thks in advance

  5. Ronald from Europe says:

    Josh from America 6 Oct 2010 11:59 AM

    "You left out the 50,000 error messages and bugs that stretches a Lync installation into several weeks."

    That's funny, becasue it's the truth.

  6. thanks for all first ,   and want to ask you about steps for CA if possible and thanks.

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