Exchange 2010 SP1 Information

Exchange team just released our Exchange 2010 SP1 information, read the details here

You will see that with SP1 we can now host the Archive mailbox on different database from the users primary mailbox which will help in case you want to host your archive mailbox on separate storage other than the one which is hosting your users primary mailboxes.

We also add the capability of importing emails from PST directly to the Exchange server and delegated access to the archive mailboxes.

Outlook Web App is loaded with new features and as they say “Better than ever”"…

New management UI and with EAS SP1 you can now send and receive IRM protected message without having previously connected your device to WMDC to enable IRM provisioning.

Jump to the link and read the details and for sure deploy SP1 once released….

Comments (3)

  1. Hi Bob,

    Archive databases don't affect your production databases count.

  2. Bob Duker says:

    I still haven't seen anything regarding precisely how the personal archiving will work within SP1.  For example, the limit for Exchange STD is 5 databases; does that mean that I now have to take one (or more) of those databases to hold the personal archives seperately? or does each database get a companion  "Archive" database added to it without affecting the database-per-server limit?

  3. Simon Green says:

    With the BETA version of SP1 PST importing needs to be PowerShelled, will the general release version include any kind of GUI for this process?

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