Installing service packs and hotfixes on Exchange 2007 with Forefront Security for Exchange installed.

Installing service packs and hot fixes on an Exchange 2007 server with Forefront Security for Exchange is a routine task that administrators should do, below are the information for how to install it: Stop all Exchange-related services. Also, stop any Forefront Security for Exchange Server-related services that may be running after Exchange has stopped. Run…


Exchange 2007 SP1 ESE Changes – Part 2

This is part 2 of the very interesting article about the changes in ESE in Exchange 2007 SP1. Highly recommended for reading,


Outlook Anywhere changes in Exchange Server 2007 SP1

Interesting blog about changes in Outlook Anywhere (RPC/HTTP) in SP1, i recommend reading it at


Recommended Exchange 2007 hotfix

There is a .NET CLR hotfix that has just been released and which is recommended to be applied on every Exchange 2007 server. It is more urgent to apply this on CAS servers with multiple protocols to reduce the memory load noticed on CAS servers with other roles, but in general it is recommended to be applied on all…


Exchange 2007 SP1 content is online

Check Exchange 2007 SP1 technical information at Lot of new and cool features are there.


IMAP Migration FAQ

A major update for the MS transporter suite is released which supports migration from IMAP/POP servers It is much more easier to use the suite than using the below hints. Q: Can i migrate from a legacy messaging system that supports IMAP4 directly to Exchange 2007? A: No Q: How can i upgrade then?…


Exchange Management Shell Tips of the Day

Just wanted to let you know that we’ve published the Power Shell tips “those tips that you see when you open the Power Shell” to the web. You can check out the topic here:


Clustering SQL 2005 and Administrative shares

One of our partners was installing SQL 2005 64 bit cluster and while he was in the components selection page he faced this error “The drive specified cannot be used for program location. Program files must be installed on a valid local disk available on all cluster nodes”. One of my colleagues was onsite and…


Windows 2003 SP2

We have released Windows 2003 SP2 to the web, go read about it and download it from here By upgrading to Windows Server 2003 SP2, your Windows Server will benefit in many ways. • Administrators will like the improvements to the Microsoft Management Console. MMC 3.0 offers new and improved command-line tools. • You can…