How to setup QMS on backend cluster

I was trying to install Exchange 2003 Quota Message Service "QMS" on a backend cluster and I found that I need to go beyond what is written in the document that ships with the tool. After asking folks inside MS here are the steps:

  1. On the passive node, install the QMS and follow the instructions in the Exchange Quota Message Service Setup Wizard

  2. Follow the document and create the appropriate registry keys

  3. Set the service status to be manual

  4. Repeat the same steps on the Active node

  5. Once finished open the cluster administrator and create a new generic resource within the Exchange group

  6. Set the dependency on MSExchangeIS

  7. In the Generic Service Parameters page, type MSExchangeQuotaSvc

  8. In the Start Parameters box, type net start MSExchangeQuotaSvc

  9. Skip the Registry Replication page. However any changes in the registry should be set on both nodes

  10. After finishing creating the resource set this resource to NOT AFFECT GROUP

  11. Bring the group online

  12. Confirm that the Quota Message service is working and that it fails over properly

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