Migrating SYSVOL to DFS-R

Once all the domain controllers in a domain are running Windows Server 2008 and above, you can change the SYSVOL replica set to use DFS-R (as opposed to FRS). The key benefits of migrating to DFS-R are Self healing functionality (e.g. journal wraps) Improved RODC support Efficient replication Note that the http://blogs.technet.com/askds/archive/2009/05/01/sysvol-migration-from-frs-to-dfsr-whitepaper-released.aspx provides details of…


I wrote a KB!

Well….half a KB to be precise 🙂 But I still feel good that I contributed to an official support article in some minute way. Incidentally I wrote the ldp.exe based details in KB 2001769. M


Lessons learned on CritSit or The importance of updating drivers

As a premier field engineer I have a responsibility to do several on call shifts a year. The week just gone was one such on call shift learned the importance of updating drivers  during it. Allow me to elaborate. I got a call around 2AM Wednesday about a customer that needed help recovering the business…


Broadcom IPV4 Large Send Offload

I have run into a couple of scenarios where this setting has caused issues and hence decided to blog about it. Windows 2008 X64 based domain controllers didn’t replicate with each other. However they were pulling updates inbound from other DCs (that happened to be Windows 2000 Server based) fine. Running commands such as repadmin…



repadmin’s w2k3_bridges_required setting is often a misunderstood setting. Even I was confused to its usage. So when elite PFE engineer Glenn explained in an internal DL, I felt it would be good to share with others.   The +W2K3_BRIDGES_REQUIRED has nothing to do with DFS.  Repeat after me….”+W2K3_BRIDGES_REQUIRED has nothing to do with DFS” This…


DCDiag reports “not advertising as time server”

Just a quick post. Was onsite recently and had a DC that was not advertising is a time server. DCDiag confirmed it. Checked announceflags and it was set to 10 in hex (0x00000010) instead of 10 in decimal (0x0000000A). Changed registry value and use “w32tm /config /update” and all was well. Interestingly it appears to…


FRS and host files

Just a quick blog post about something I saw recently. I was at a customer site performing an ADRAP and I ran into one of the customer’s domains where FRS was not converging. Among the troubleshooting steps I tried to verify that DNS had records for the DCs which it did and I verified using…


DCLocator and Closest Site info

I’ve been doing some research to prepare for my upcoming first delivery of AD Troubleshooting workshop. The agenda of content includes DCLocator and Netlogon content. Hence this post. For the real detail on dsgetdcname and details on the nltest /dsgetdc flags, please see http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms675983(VS.85).aspx. I made a lab environment which consisted of a single domain…


Sysinternals to the rescue

This is a quick post to get me back into the spirit of blogging. Some time back I was onsite performing an ADRAP to assist the customer with some issues they were having with their AD. Among the many issues we found was one DC reporting the following in its system/DS and FRS event logs….


The case of the DNS records that didn’t resolve

I was at a customer today who was in the process of moving their AD from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008 x64 platform. In the process at some point he changed the DHCP servers to use the new Windows Server 2008 based DC/DNS servers for name resolution. He then said he was having…