VMC to Hyper-V migration tool

Yet another update just before my vacation.

I have finalized the tool so it is feature complete, according to my specifications. Below is a screen shot of what it looks like today.



The tool now basically covers everything there is you can specify in a Hyper-V vm. Looking at a Virtual Server or Virtual PC configuration file, all settings which can apply to a Hyper-V vm are imported and can be modified in the UI.
Of course, BIOS settings like NumLock and boot order are Hyper-V specific but I added those for completeness. You can choose to have the SCSI boot disk swapped with the forst IDE disk. This is handy for those who have used SCSI with Virtual Server.

The tool is now being tested within a closed group at Microsoft. After I return from vacation, I plan to release this as soon as possible.

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  1. Just a reply on the SCVMM migration comment: This tool is not to replace SCVMM. It is basically targeted at anyone not using SCVMM. SCVMM is the enterprise class management product which can be used to migrate VM’s. This tool however can migrate based only on VMC settings from both VS and VPC. Even with SCVMM, it may still help in the creation of VM’s solely based on VMC config info.

    To all others on availability: the tool is in limited beta test right now. In case you want to be included in the beta test, send me mail. I do expect feedback on results.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Must be having a great vacation. Can hardly wait for this tool after watching several Videos from MS on differences and what has to manually be done to use VS 2005 VHDs with Hyper-V…

  3. Darek says:

    Hi matthts,

    Can You send me link to download it.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi Matthts,

    I managed to migrate everything with System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 beta, and worked quite well.



  5. Guys,

    people who want to test this must SEND me mail (not post a reply to this post).

    Please outline your scenario en commit to test en provide feedback within weeks (to be determined).

  6. Anonymous says:

    Would you mind send the link to me, and download this migration tool?

  7. Anonymous says:

    This weekend I need to migrate 15 server to VM, where can I get this tool for my server migrate ?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Just before I was packing my bag for a (well earned (if I may say so myself)) vacation, I read this post

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hi Matthts,

    Next week I need to migrate around 30 Virtual Server 2005 SP2 VM’s to Hyper-V. So I be more then glad to beta test your tool if it possible.

    Best regards

    Zvonimir  Mavretic


  10. Anonymous says:

    Yes, I want to try. Would you mind give me the link to download and try it? My e-mail is siuchunsing@yahoo.com.hk

    Thank you very much !!

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