Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008 is RTM

Hyper-V Server 2008 is RTM. You can download it as of October 1st. Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008 provides a simplified, reliable, and optimized virtualization solution, enabling improved server utilization and reduced costs. Since Hyper-V Server is a dedicated stand-alone product, which contains only the Windows Hypervisor, Windows Server driver model and virtualization components, it provides…

VMC to Hyper-V Import Tool Available

VMC to Hyper-V Import Tool  Now that we have launched the Microsoft Virtualization strategy this Monday, I wanted to release my tool so people could start using it to import their old Virtual Machine configurations. So first of all, what is the VMC to Hyper-V Import Tool and what was it intended for?  The tool…


VMC to Hyper-V import tool – update

It has been a while since my last post on the tool. It is still being tested within a limited group. However I get many requests for the tool but cannot handle any more. Thanks for all who wanted to volunteer. The tool will be called ‘VMC to Hyper-V import tool’, in short ‘VMC to…


VMC to Hyper-V migration tool

Yet another update just before my vacation. I have finalized the tool so it is feature complete, according to my specifications. Below is a screen shot of what it looks like today.   The tool now basically covers everything there is you can specify in a Hyper-V vm. Looking at a Virtual Server or Virtual…


Update on the VMC import tool for Hyper-V

I have made several enhancements to the tool and it is almost feature complete. I have added the capability to import and modify COM port settings, Virtual Machine notes and BIOS settings. The updated tool looks like this:

Access is denied (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070005) with VMRCplus 1.8.0

I received several posts last week related to the error above. I am still investigating how/why this happened but it is caused by the fact that the .Net Framework 3.0 is missing from the machine where VMRCplus is being used. So to fix this for now, install the .Net Framework 3.0 (with SP1).


Virtual Server to Hyper-V tool

When you have Virtual Server or Virtual PC virtual machines, you can use them in Hyper-V. However, this requires quite some manual steps. For the minimum, you need to attach the virtual hard disk files (.vhd files) to the hard disk drives in Hyper-V. This requires at least creating a VM from the Hyper-V wizard,…


Hyper-V is RTW

Yesterday, June 26th, Hyper-V was officially released to web (RTW). You can find all info on Hyper-V here. For me, this means I will focus more on Hyper-V than on Virtual Server. I will continue to support VMRCplus, but new releases will likely occur in sync with new Virtual Server updates.

VMRCplus 1.8.0 is available

Release 1.8.0 is available from the Microsoft Download Center. It may not be visible yet when you search for it but it is there. Click here to download the x86 release, here for the x64 release. This release matches the update for Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1 which was released to support Server 2008 and Vista SP1. Release…


VMRCplus 1.7.0 on Microsoft Download Center

An update to VMRCplus 1.6.0 has been released and is now available here. This release contains several fixes and minor enhancements. It has been tested on Windows Server 2008 as well. Matthijs