VMRCplus is here!

I have called my blog VMRCplus. Simply because I did not have a blog at all and never felt the need to create one.

That has changed with the release of VMRCplus last tuesday (26th of June) where I announced internally that it was ready to be shared with anyone outside of Microsoft.
Well, that led to 'some' activity both within Microsoft and now on the Internet.
It is really cool to see it is appreciated that much.

I waited to post after I published VMRCplus on the Microsoft Download Center.

Here is the official URL:


Thanks to all IT Pro's, IT Evangelists, MVP's, MCT's and many others who blogged about VMRCplus and hosted the bits. You don't need to do that any longer.

Comments (6)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks to the guys at Microsoft for this.. Paul Despe , Virtual guy – Ben Armstrong , Keith Combs , Matthijs

  2. Problem:

    VMRCPlus crashed if you rename a VM within Virtual Server Administration Website.

    Reproduction steps:

    1. Run VMRCPlus v1.8.

    2. Run Internet Explorer and open the Virtual Server Administration Website page.

    3. Select a VM on the web page and rename it. Of course, you can rename only VM that is not running.

    4. VMRCPlus crashed.


    OS MS Windows XP Prof. with SP2

  3. Anonymous says:

    For those of you running Microsoft Virtual Server , we have a new treat in store for you. Originally

  4. Anonymous says:


    1) Start VMRCPlus.

    2) Connect to VirtSvr1

    3) Connect ro VirtSvr2

    4) Click on VirtSvr1 Tab

    5) Select guest machine on VirtSvr1

    6) Click on VirtSrv2 Tab

    7) Click Hardware properties button on the right panel.

  5. Please do not post exceptions here. Please send specific bugs to me inclusing repro steps.

    I removed the exception list for changing hardware without a guest selected. I cannot repro however.

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