The object exporter specified was not found

On connecting to a remote VS host from Vista, you may receive a dialog from VMRCplus with the message: “The object exporter specified was not found” Check the firewall settings on Vista. Use the ‘advanced’ snap-in and verify the active profile Windows Firewall is using for VMRCplus. Also verify that an inbound rule exists.

QI for IEnumVARIANT failed on the unmanaged server

On connecting to a remote VS host, you may receive a dialog from VMRCplus with the message: “QI for IEnumVARIANT failed on the unmanaged server” This may be caused by InstallShield. For a solution see

VMRCplus 1.6.0 on Microsoft Download Center

Release 1.6.0, as discussed earlier in the TechNet Magazine related post, is now available from the Microsoft Download Center. You can get the updated release here. Matthijs


VMRCplus in TechNet Magazine!

The October issue of TechNet Magazine covers VMRCplus. I wrote that article for the Utility Spotlight in August. However, I updated the content in September. That is why you may notice screen shots of a different VMRCplus. The release on the Microsoft Download Center is 1.5.0 which was the first public release. That release is also on…


‘The RPC Server is unavailable’ message on Vista with UAC

In this post, I assume you have configured Windows Firewall correctly to allow traffic from VMRCplus. Please read the other post if you did not. When connecting to a remote host from Vista, I got the RPC message even with Windows Firewall set up properly.   Scenario 1: UAC is enabled and I am a member…


‘The RPC Server is unavailable’ message on Vista

I was helping troubleshooting the ‘RPC Server is unavailable’ issue this week. The message was shown on a Vista client with VMRCplus connecting to a remote host. Although I have included this issue in the VMRCplus help file (VMRCplus.chm) I realized that the information may not be enough. It took considerable effort to get VMRCplus…

Unattended setup of VMRCplus

I received several inquiries about installing VMRCplus in an unattended way. Most people were able to install VMRCplus that way but could not figure out how to install the Virtual Server COM API also. Just for the complete picture I have outlined both installation options below. To install VMRCplus using the defaults use: msiexec /i…


Folder browsing on x64

You may experience a crash of VMRCplus when browsing folders on x64. For example when selecting a folder for a virtual hard disk or virtual machine. This is caused by a bug in the FolderBrowserDialog of the .Net Framework. This has been fixed but a public fix is not available. It will be available through…

Installing VMRCplus

Setup  VMRCplus has a very straightforward installation process. If you do not want to change the location of VMRCplus, you only have two options left. Either you use the defaults or you add the Virtual Server COM object (VSCOMAPI). The default installation (meaning you leave everything default by clicking Next) results in a local installation…


VMRCplus and authentication

VMRCplus has no support for alternate credentials. This means that in order to manage a Virtual Server remotely, both the machine with VMRCplus and the Virtual Server host must be in the same forest. You may wonder why VMRCplus does not support alternate credentials. Both the VMRC client and the Virtual Server Administration Website support this….