Upcoming Microsoft Events: Do you want to stay informed?

Whether or not you choose to believe me, here are a two things that I know to be true: Microsoft takes your privacy and preferences very seriously, and Microsoft wants you to stay “in-the-loop” about what’s coming. Often our marketing and operations people send out notices about up-coming events, such as our IT Camps or…


Are you ready to begin the Quest of the Cloudwalker?

Hark beleaguered IT Professionals! We know of the evils which plague you daily—mountains of help desk tickets, crashing computers, ridiculous requests from management, and far, far worse. But fear not, for we have felt your misery and despair, and created a fantastical world where you can use your hard-earned knowledge to crush demonic personifications of…


Kinect: Augmented Reality..Amazing

The Kinect sensor is a pretty amazing device allowing you to be the controller and has potential even beyond some of our wildest imaginations.  Steve Clayton posted a recent TED Talk from Marco Tempest who used his magic and Xbox Kinect.  It is pretty amazing technolody and even more equally amazing story.  Let me know…


Attention Ohio Area IT Pros, Register Now for Dayton IT Pro Camp Wed., Jan., 18, 2012

The Dayton IT Pro Camp is a FREE, daylong Camp for IT Pros featuring Microsoft Cloud Technologies. During the day, we will have presentations on Hyper-V, SharePoint, Office365 and Azure. In addition, we will have a cloud security presentation and presentations from the Vendors who have agreed to support the Dayton IT Pro Camp.  For…


What’s on Your Christmas List? For me: Ultimate Battlefield 3 Simulator!

If anyone has a spare $650,000k laying around, I would like one.  Full article here: http://www.engadget.com/2011/10/20/the-gadget-show-builds-an-fps-simulator-that-shoots-back-video/ Watch the video (about 17 minutes) amazing technology:.


Happy 10 Year Anniversary Halo!

What were you doing 10 years ago, I was taking a day of vacation and saving the planet!  Looks like I have another day of vacation in my near future!