Evaluation Downloads for Virtualization, Management and Training Resources

One of the fun things I get to do everyday is point people to products and resources.  With IT there seems to be an ever changing world and transformation on the tools and resources we use almost happens daily. have a had a few folks ask where can I get the tools and resources to…


The Art of Staying Informed: Mosaic by Tribune

One of the great things I love about my phone is keeping in touch with the news and happenings.  I just learned about this great application call Mosaic by Tribune.  It takes my phone news experiences to a wonderfully beautiful new level.  It is an amazing application and if you like the news on your…


Heartland IT Pro User Groups

One of the great aspects of my job is I get to work with a lot of different user groups and meet lots of people from the IT Pro community.  Well I did my best to get a list of all the IT professional  user groups I work with in the Heartland territory (Michigan, Ohio,…


Interview: In Studio with the guys from Fuller Computer Solutions Part 4

This is the last segment of the show  we talked about my book and the process of how I got involved in writing.  This was a fun segment, and we wrapped up the show.  We also chatted briefly about social media.  I got a lot of my understanding working with Wendy Meadley AKA SocialWendy, and…


What does Microsoft have to offer Students?

My good friend Sarah (aka: the codinggeekette) just recently wrote this great post.  If you are a student, know a student, or just interested in seeing some of the great resources Microsoft offers students you need to check out Sarah’s fantastic post:: Why Microsoft + Being a Student = Awesome If your not sure what…


Interview: In Studio with the guys from Fuller Computer Solutions Part 2

In the segment of the show, I reaffirm my love for the Cleveland Browns.  With the great guys from Fuller Computer Solutions.  We talked about having a consistent presence with social presence and the power of having a dedicated web location.  We also talked about the power of social marketing, and a few other topics….


Interview: In Studio with the guys from Fuller Computer Solutions Part 1

As some of you know I was able to get on the radio with the Tom and Steven from Fuller Computer Solutions.  These guys really know what they are doing, and truly it was great to hang out with them.  In this segment, the show was introduced and we talked briefly about social media. As…


OFFICE 2010, SharePoint 2010 Launch events REGISTER NOW, seating is limited!!!!

We are coming to a city near you and we want to see you at the events!  We are going to talk about Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010.  Come out and spend some time hearing how these products can rock your world!  Here are just a small sampling of the cities we are heading to,…


It’s Not That Important

We have all been there, your driving, you hear your cell phone ring, ding or beep, trust me it is not that important and here is why (please take a minute to read the article): Child killed in 3-car accident in Columbia Heights It is probably like hundreds of other similar stories you have seen. …