5 Bold Predictions for the NFL 2014: Cleveland Browns Edition

1377-Cleveland-BrownsHappy NFL season everyone!  I hope this year will be better than last year’s predictions which you review here:  5 Bold Predictions for the NFL 2013 .  So how did I do, bad, and I mean really bad as in worst year yet.  For the first time, I even deducted points from my score, so my score this year 1.  1 out of 5 that is pretty sad.  So here is the breakdown:

  1. Tyrann Mathieu will be Defensive Rookie of the Year:  Result .5.  He was in the mix and had he not gotten hurt he may have won the award, although Sheldon Richardson had a great year
  2. Jets will have the first pick in the draft in 2014: .5, while I did get this wrong, I did predict Clowney would be the first pick in the draft
  3. The Baltimore Ravens will not make the playoffs: Result 1!  Nailed this one, and yes it made me smile.
  4. Cleveland Browns are going to win the Super Bowl:  Result 0.  Sigh wait till this year! 
  5. Rob Chudzinski will be Coach of the Year:  Result –1, I do not think I could have been anymore wrong than this prediction, and top it off with he was fired at the end of the season.  sigh.

So what about this year, well I decided to do something a little different and make this all about my beloved Cleveland Browns!  I figure since all the mainstream media outlets had what seemed to be non-stop coverage of my browns I might as well join the club. 

  1. By Week 5 Johnny Manziel will be the starter.  Okay this is not that bold but I will be surprised if after the bye week Johnny is starting as QB.  We do have a hard first 3 games and I am really pulling for Hoyer to be successful!
  2. Our Pass Defense will be the #1 ranked Defense in the NFL.  One area the Browns are going to be tough in is defense we have a great defense and a couple of shutdown cornerbacks, and sold safeties.   I also would not be surprised to see Justin Gilbert win defensive rookie of the year either.
  3. Jordan Cameron will have the most TD catches as a TE.  Without a solid go deep receiver, I think Jordan is going to be the go to target for Cleveland QB’s.  So not too much of a stretch to see him catching a lot of passes and a lot of TD’s
  4. Travis Benjamin will take 4 kicks to the house.  He is so fun to watch and he is like a human joystick, I would not be surprised if he gets 4 this year.  2 on punt and 2 on Kickoff return.
  5. Cleveland Browns Will Win the Super Bowl.  I make this prediction every year, and I feel we are putting together a solid team and if we can get some stability in the front office and at QB.  I look forward to this prediction coming true.  While this year would set some record when we win the Super Bowl (we have like 23 undrafted players on the team).  I would not be surprised if the Browns surprise some folks.  As always.  GO BROWNS!!!

Thus ends my 5 bold predictions for the NFL Browns edition this year!

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