Another Year of Running, Another Year in My Altra’s!

WP_20140116_006So I know this is very late, but wow what a year!  I had a great year of running in 2013, and all of my runs in my Provision 1.5 by Altra, still the best shoe on the planet.  As you can see from my bling board I did a lot of running. 

One thing I really focused in on was my form this year, and still getting everything in correct alignment.  I learned proper form makes a huge difference!  Not only in how I feel after runs, but also how I perform during the runs as well.  While I am not there yet I made huge strides (yes pun intended) in how I run.  Even more fun to that pun is that my strides have actually gotten smaller.  While my form is not as good as the photo of Meb in my picture, it has gotten better.  BTW look to the bottom of the post to see near perfection during running and what proper form can do for you.  Love Sport Science!

 If you are looking to run better and faster, I would highly recommend taking a look at Gait Lab.  It is worth your time to get yourself on a treadmill and see how your form is.  I know it has helped me tremendously!  So check out Gait Labs today and get your gait checked out! 

So on to my year.

New Years Double
WP_20140116_006My year officially started on Jan. 1, with a 5k as the second part of the New Years Eve Double, I did a 1/2 marathon (2:18) on New Years Eve and a 5k (26:20 pr) on New Years Day.  The funny thing is I remember the day was so cold, all I could think of was getting in my car and going home.  Later, I found out I finished 1st in the Clydesdale division…winner, winner chicken dinner.  That is one of those nice champagne glasses.

Disney, Disney, Disney
Well 2013 started with a Disney World as I recapped here:  20th Anniversary Walt Disney World Marathon: 6 1/2 Hours and 27.3 Miles Worth Race Recap.  Again Disney is just a great place to run, and I plan on doing the Dopey Challenge in 2015, with Dan, Jimmy and John, and anyone else who is up for a challenge. 

Esperanza 5k
WP_20140116_006This is probably my favorite medal I received in 2013.  The run goes to support the Juntos Servimos and its efforts to sustain the Casa Bugambilia refuge in Matamoros, Mexico.  It was a well done race.  The medal is my favorite is because it was hand made by Paco.  All the medals in the race are hand made by the children the race is supporting!

Fairview 5k
WP_20140116_006I have to admit, while I was happy with the run, 26:59, I was stressed for this run.  This is the first run were I really set a time goal, that I wanted to go after.  I have to admit it was not fun to think that way, normally when I run, I am out to just enjoy the day, the crowd.  I know I was the most focused, but was antsy to get started.  My running coach and friend Jimmy was laughing at my stress.  In the end I made my goal, but took running to a new level.  I have to learn how to balance fun and goals.   I also finished second and got a nice pint glass!  More bling!

Patriot Half
The gentle rolling hills of Rockwall was calling me again.  Again the hills were not that gentle, but was a good solid run.  I cannot remember my time, but I do remember really hating my running mates.  See I was signed up for the 5k initially and got brow beat into running the 1/2.  Right around mile 4 I was done, I told my running buddies to go on.  I just wanted to get into my own head and finish the run which I did, and finished strong and had negative splits. 

WP_20140116_0062nd Time Coast to Coast
I was happy to be able to run in the inaugural Dumbo Double Dare at Disneyland.  This got me my second coast to coast medal.  The full recap is here:  Disneyland Dumbo Double Dare Race Recap and Revelations!

The Showdown 1/2
This was a great run I did with Jimmy, while the time was not great 2:34, it had some fun hills in the run and the day turned out to be pretty humid.  This was also my first race as a member of the GAIT Labs running team!  This run is a lot of fun it is on the weekend of the Red River rivalry a football game between OK and TX.  If you have to pick your race shirt and medal based on who you are rooting for.  While I am a die hard Ohio State fan, I did choose the burnt orange of TX because I live here. 

Run for Your Lives
WP_20140116_006Aside from Disney this was one of my favorite runs of the year.  It was my slowest and muddiest run of the year as well.  BTW did I mention there were zombies?  It is a 5k run, but your job is too survive.  You are wearing flags around your belt that represent life and the zombies are trying to grab them.  If you have any left you survived if not you were infected.  As you can tell by my medal, I was infected.  However, my friend John did survive.  All in all this was a great run, however I had to do something I thought I would never do throw away my pair of Altra’s after the race.  Just like me my Altra’s  were infected and did not survive, in fact I think they were running by themselves at the end.  hehehe

New Years Double
My year ended the same way it started with this run.  I did the 5k on both New Years Eve and New Years Day.  I stayed around this year for the rewards, and I won the masters division on Eve, and 2nd in my age group on Day.  Two more Champagne glassed added to the collection.  This race also was the last of the Active Joe Series of races. Here are those medals:


So overall this was a busy year and I have already started 2014 off with some fun races and another PR in 1/2 (2:14) I continue to work on losing the weight and balancing my running. 

One last thing I wanted share with you was a video that was done last year.  Meb a US marathon champion and Olympic silver medalist   If you have not heard of Meb, he is a great runner.  Even better check out the art of running in his AMAZING video out:

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