Setting Static IP Address in Windows Azure Virtual Machines

imageOne of the questions I have been asked for a while is how do you set static IP address in Windows Azure Virtual Machines.  Well you can, check out my friend John Savill’s great article to see how:

Set Azure VM Static IP Address

While it is like a DHCP reservation for the VM itself (the VM is still DHCP configured), it is treated as a static IP to Windows Azure.  Now this does involve new Windows Azure PowerShell cmdlets.  You will need to download and install the Windows Azure PowerShell cmdlets (possibly again) to get the new functionality. 

You can get them here: 


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  1. Jonathan says:

    What about when you need to point the VM to a DC in IP4? each time you shut down and start the VM it still has the static IP but it now has lost connection to the DC.

  2. Matt Hester says:

    Jonathan, static IP is one important concept in networking virtual machines in Azure, on your network you would also set the DNS server and when the machines start and stop they will use the DNS to find the server just like in our networks.

  3. Brian says:

    Does this work for IPv6 or is it just for IPv4?

  4. kamran says:

    How do we tell the VPN client that Azure configures for our virtual network, to keep the same IP address for a given ground VM for example? if VPN disconnects, then I am likely to get a new VPN ip address and my job from ground to cloud stops working post

  5. mukesh says:

    In a setup where I have a DC and DNS inside a VNET and the machine reboots, I always lose the DNS ip address in the NIC which also means that I am unable to RDP into the machine. Any suggestions to fix it?

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