5 Bold Predictions for the NFL 2013

nfl-logoHappy NFL opening week everyone!  Welcome to my annual post and by now most of you will already know what one of my predictions will be.  We will save that for later.  So let’s recap my predictions from last year (you can find them here: 5 Bold Predictions for the NFL 2012).  I just missed my prediction for MVP last year, I chose Peyton Manning he came in second.  Hats off to Adrian Peterson, and no one saw him coming, heck the guy just missed league rushing record by 9 yards.  I still give myself a .5 point credit for being close. I also just missed on the replacement refs, they came back in week 4 I predicted week 5, still .5 point credit, and a pat on my back. 

My last couple of predictions, Tim Tebow did not start for the Jet’s (what a mess they have now) 0 points and I thought the Dolphins would get the first pick in the draft, wrong on that one too,  0 points.   So in the end of my predictions, I had my worse year ever 1 out of 5.  Wow, maybe I should stop….nah here we go with this years predictions:

  1. Tyrann Mathieu will be Defensive Rookie of the Year:  This is probably one of my boldest predictions.  The honey badger is not even a starter, on defense or as a special teamer.  However, I think he is going to make the most out of his second chance, and will really surprise folks.  Have fun watching him all you Arizona Cardinal fans.
  2. Jets will have the first pick in the draft in 2014:   Okay this is not so bold, I did only get 1 point last year.  I need an easy one.  The QB situation is a mess, and when your bringing in Brady Quinn to help….sigh.  Again not so bold, however here is the bold part, even though I think they will need a QB (not a Geno Smith fan), they will draft Jadeveon Clowney.
  3. The Baltimore Ravens will not make the playoffs:  I thought about this one for a little bit, and have to admit it did make me smile.  I know they won the Super Bowl last year, however Baltimore has always relied on defense to get them into playoffs and to the Super Bowl.  In the off-season their defense got decimated, between retirements, trades and free agency, it is nowhere in the same shape as years previous.  The offense will be solid, but as they say defense wins championships.
  4. Cleveland Browns are going to win the Super Bowl!:   They will beat the San Francisco 49ers to win the title. This has to happen sometime right?  I do like the look of the team this year.  They seem hungrier than they have been in past.  From pre-season offense looks solid as well as the defense.  In the end I hope we at least beat the Steelers both times we play them this year. GO BROWNS!
  5. Rob Chudzinski will be Coach of the Year:  I have to back up my 4th bold prediction.  For those of you who do not know the name Rob Chudzinski, he is the head coach for the Browns.  So imagine as a rookie head coach who wins the Super Bowl, pencil him for the reward.   If this happens I think Cleveland may even build statue of him to put in front of the stadium.  If you think that a rookie head coach cannot win the big game wrong, it is has happened twice before:
    1. Don McCafferty (Colts, Super Bowl V)
    2. George Seifert (49ers, XXIV)

So there you have my 5 bold predictions, feel free to comment and debate. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Happy NFL season everyone! I hope this year will be better than last year’s predictions which you review

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