TechEd 2013 Favorites: Community the Hidden Gem at TechEd

This month Kevin, Keith, Brian and I are talking about some of the favorite things we saw at TechEd North America.  I also thought it would be great instead of just writing about it, I would interview the folks of some of the favorite things I saw.  In this first post I talk with Tiffany Wallace from New Horizons.  We talk about probably one of the most important things at TechEd and that is the community. 

Everyone knows about the great technical content at TechEd, but too me one of the huge hidden gems (almost like a hidden Mickey) is the community spirit at the event.  The amount friends I saw reconnecting and side technical conversations I saw during the conference and at the parties was amazing.  So for this post today, Tiffany and I talk about the benefits.  Enjoy and if you have questions feel free to comment blow.

You can find the full series here: TechEd 2013 Favorites – The Complete Series

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