20 Days of Server Virtualization- Virtualization going Live with Migrations, Memory, and storage. (Part 6 (better late than never) of 20)

imageOkay, so had to get caught up a bit, officially here is a part 6 and it comes in two parts.  Dan does a great job to show some of the aspects of Hyper-V with Live adding of memory as well live multiple live migrations.  Take a look at his interviews and demos here:

Hyper-V Live Part 1 of 2 Live Add Memory & Live Snapshot Merge

Hyper-V Live Part 2 of 2 Live Storage Migration, Multiple Live Migrations and Live Cluster Node Evacuations

We hope you enjoy the series, and if you have any suggestions let us know.  If you missed any part of the series you can find them here:  20 Days of Server Virtualization

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