20 Days of Server Virtualization: Virtual Networking in Hyper-V (Part 9 of 20)

imageIn Windows Server 2012, we have really enhanced the Hyper-V role.  One feature in Hyper-V that really got an overhaul is the virtual networking.    From  Virtual Machine Queue, IPsec task offloading, Single-root I/O virtualization(SR-IOV), and Live migration on Server 2012 Hyper-V is supported when virtual machines are configured to use SR-IOV, there have been some great additions.  In Tommy’s post you take a look at a lot of the new functionality, check it out here:

Virtualization Experts Series – Virtual Networking in Hyper-V

We hope you enjoy the series, and if you have any suggestions let us know.  If you missed any part of the series you can find them here:  20 Days of Server Virtualization

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