Rock, Paper, Azure Challenge!

clip_image001I’m excited to announce the re-launch of the Rock, Paper, Azure challenge!  I thought this would be fun for everyone to give it a try!  I may have to see if I can write one using PowerShell.

For the next 6 weeks you can compete in an online game based on rock, paper, scissors, with the opportunity to win prizes and some serious bragging rights.

Haven’t heard of Rock, Paper, Azure before? Keep reading below for a full description of the challenge and how it works. Rock, Paper, Azure is a fun way to try Azure.  The Rock Paper Azure Challenge is an online game based on rock, paper, scissors where you can write your own player “bots” to battle other competitors adding a modern twist to this classic childhood game. The “bots” are deployed into Windows Azure and compete against each other for weekly and grand prizes.  Similar to the traditional game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, “bots” are programed to compete by throwing a Rock, Paper or Scissors move.

Oh yeah, and just to keep it interesting we’ve added a Dynamite & Water Balloon move too! You can see the full set of moves and scoring rules here. There are weekly awards for anyone who submits an eligible “bot” and grand prizes for “bots” that place in the top 10 leaderboard. We provide the baseline downloadable code for the “bots”, and include step-by-step instructional videos on how to program, troubleshoot and upload a “bot”.

This round of the Rock, Paper, Azure challenge will run for 6 weeks through January 25th. It’s open to all Developers and coding hobbyists in the US (MSFT not eligible).

Get Started Now…


  1. Get Your Windows Azure Account
    Don't have one? Get your FREE trial here or activate your MSDN Subscription benefit that includes Azure access.
  2. Build and Test Your Bot
    Download the bits and start building a killer bot that's ready to battle the competition. Check out the Get Started page for more details. You can enter a simple sample bot, or test your strategic coding skills by building a more advanced bot.
  3. Play the Game
    Enter your bot in the Challenge for your chance to win. You have until 2:00 pm Eastern Time on January 25th to enter the contest.

Get started today, visit

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  1. George says:

    Just what I needed while on vacation….  đź™‚

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