20th Anniversary Walt Disney World Marathon Training Week 13: All About Confidence

Goofy2011 079Okay so really it is closer to 6 because I do not know simple math and the calendar.  So here we are on what I like to call the confidence building runs.  For me, this is normally the part of the training I dread the most.  I really dread the mental aspect of the mileage more than the physical.   Sure grinding out over 15 miles is tough and a necessity.  But running that long the mind tends to wander a bit.  These runs also can cause some undue worry.  So this weekend I have 19 miles, what happens if I crater after mile 5?  Can that hurt the psyche yes, but only if I let it.  I still have that damage bill to pay, and it is a pay now or pay later concept, but if I let a missed run really stress me out then a  run will be even worse in the future.  As a runner you have to learn to let things go, and not bog you down mentally.  You need to set your mind to that task and just run. 

Again that pesky aspect of mentally running, and I think running Goofy the couple of times taught me not worry about tomorrow today.  The context behind this was in the Goofy Challenge you run the 1/2 marathon on Sat. and the Full marathon on Sunday.  If you let the worry of the marathon on Sunday get to you as your running the 1/2 on Saturday, trust me you are not going to have a very good 1/2.  More importantly just run within yourself and your plan.  IF you have a plan stick to it, and if you have a bad day.  You had a bad day, chalk it up and move on.

Mentally you will also need the occasionally recharge, I recommend any of the good running movies out there.  One of my favorites is Ultramarathon Man: 50 Marathons - 50 States - 50 Days, after watching that movie I always need to go for a run.   What is your favorite?

This is the week of training (novice2):









5 hills


Rest Rest Rest





Have a great and blessed week!

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