20th Anniversary Walt Disney World Marathon Training Week 11: Are we there yet

Goofy2011 046It is just one of those weeks, everything seems to moving slow, and travel it a lot, and you keep waiting fro Friday, or the clock to move faster.  In a nut shell ARE WE THERE YET!  Well I have hit that point in my training, Are we There Yet!  I know every time during training you hit that point where you are just ready for the race and ready to run.  I am at that point.  I also know I have 18 miles this weekend, that may be adding to it as well.  It could also be last weekends run, while I did not do the 17, I did run an incredibly tough and hilly 1/2 marathon, where I had my PR since surgery, at 2:23.  I was extremely happy and exhausted.  BTW I also place second in my age group, granted  there where only 2 people in my age group, but a silver medal is a silver medal, and I only got beat by 55 minutes.  Smile

Here is the run:


This is the week of training (novice2):









5 hills


Rest Rest Rest





Have a great and blessed week!

Comments (2)

  1. Pearl Quan says:

    Congratulations on your Silver Medal!   And yes… you are almost there!   I am still jealous!   Have fun on your 18miles run while I sit back, eat and drink!   I will be thinking about you!

  2. Pearl Quan says:

    BTW… They just opened the first Microsoft store in Toronto!

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