20th Anniversary Walt Disney World Marathon Training Week 10: The Science of Running

Goofy2011 045After the foot surgery and one the reasons of foot surgery was to improve my form.  I wanted to get more onto my forefoot and less heel striking.  In the long term this is how I am going to improve my running and I knew the form I wanted to strive for.  Even though I did not know it Jimmy was slowly coaching me through this process and my form has gotten a lot better.  I was like a lot of folks how can you screw up running, just go do it.  In reality that is the truth but ever wondered why one day “all of sudden” your knee is hurting or your hip is hurting.  Most likely it was a break down in your form maybe from a injury or a small tweak in the muscle, can really change your gait and usually not for the better. 

This was my case as well, when I was cleared to run and Jimmy and I went running, and he brought a camera.  I was simply blown away how my form was not what I thought it was and a little 30 second video showed how my legs and feet were really working.  Jimmy has taken helping runners like myself improve and he has started his own company PACE Labs.   Jimmy has helped me understand the science of my running and how to get the most out if it.  I have seen not only an improvement but I feel better.  I highly recommend checking Jimmy out and he can even do it virtually if you do not live nearby, just contact him.  To read more about PACE Labs check out this post:  PACE Labs Announcement .One of the great videos Jimmy has shared with me is how we should run and the power we can generate.  More importantly Jimmy can show you how close or far you are from this form, so please check out PACE Labs:


This is the week of training (novice2):









4 hills


Rest Rest Rest





Have a great and blessed week!

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