31 Days of Our Favorite Things: Turn Up the ThermoRSAT in Windows Server 2012 (Part 24 of 31)

imageI know we all want to remotely manage our servers because the datacenters are just too cold!  Unless it is a hot day then of course you will “hardware maintenance” to do.  In a nutshell everyone wants to remotely manage your servers.  I know everyone’s first choice to remotely manage the servers is PowerShell, naturally.  However, if your looking for a choice then you want to check out Kevin’s post today.  He talks about the RSAT tools and requirements, check out his post here:

31 Days of our Favorite Things: Windows Server 2012 and the RSATs 

We hope you are enjoying the series and check out Windows Server 2012 by taking a look at these downloads:

If you missed any of the parts you can find the rest of the series here: 31 Days of Our Favorite Things in Windows Server 2012.

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